Bike stunt images from famous MotoGP Le Mans circuit

Bike stunt images from famous MotoGP Le Mans circuit

Some bike stunt images from motorcycle stunt show, which took place on famous MotoGP Le Mans circuit Bugatti. The show was held in bad raining weather on the last day of the second edition of Super VW Festival. Wet track of Le Mans circuit created additional problems for stunt performers. But in the end, not so many spectators in the stands, all still been able to take pleasure from skills of stunts on bikes. Especially, since it was extreme stunt show on bikes together with special classic VW Beetle drift of Bastouil Chaix and his Initial C Cox. Motorbike stunts videos at end of post.

Bike stunt images

Despite the rain, stunt performers have demonstrated all cool bike tricks: driving without hands, ride standing up, lying down and riding on the rear wheel.

All photos in high resolution and increase by click.

Stand Up Wheelie

“Stand Up Wheelie” in a standing position. Legs may be on the passenger footrests or seat. Admitted variation. Methods of raising the same as that of the traditional “Villie”. Such position of the pilot body allows better control of the point of balance because of the greater space for the movement. Furthermore, since the center of mass offset back to lift the bike “in the candle” it becomes easier.

Motorcycle burnout

Bike burnout can be of four kinds at least basic, but count all its variants is not possible. After all, you can do motorcycle burnout, standing directly in front of the motorcycle, or specifically laying it on its side. There are still dozens of options as, say, burnout while wheelie or with half-naked girl on the fuel tank … not at this time)))

Stunt bikes photos

After the show, stunt bikes taking part in the motorcycle tricks performance were exposed on the public in the paddock of the Circuit Bugatti.

MotoGP Le Mans circuit

Stunt performer kissing the famous MotoGP Le Mans track after a successful trick show. On the wet asphalt accomplish some elements was really not easy.

Bike stunt videos

Video of the extreme stunt show took place in difficult weather conditions, under constant rain and strong wind.

Burnout bikes video at final of motorcycle stunt show on Le Mans circuit.

More bike stunt videos at LeMansStory YouTube channel.

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