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Truck Decorations Parade And Tuning at Semi Truck Racing Event Le Mans Images And Video

Truck Decorations Parade

Semi Truck Racing Event

Truck decorations and tuning show it is now mandatory attribute at the end of the race, always cause inartificial excitement among the spectators.

FR – Camions Decores sur Circuit Bugatti – 24 Heures Camions
RU – Тюнинг грузовиков – шоу после гонки на грузовиках в Ле Мане, Франция

Tuning Show was held after a day’s racing on trucks (24 Heures Camions) in October 2015 on the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans, France.

During the exhibition, were presented different models of European and American trucks Scania Vabis, Volvo, MAN and others:

Mandatory chrome wheels, exhaust pipes, spoilers, mirrors, bright colors and thematic aerography with movie stars (Lino Ventura, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham …), music (Mylène Farmer, Rihanna, U2 …) and French TV stars, footage from the films and series (Harry Potter, Spider-Man, SWAT …) and of course glamor.

These trucks complement to the memorable visit of truck racing.

This year’s parade was attended by over 200 decorated and tuned trucks from all over Europe. Hard to believe, but this machine is not only for the show, and which can be seen on the roads of Europe. They drive on roads with all sorts of unusual lighting and decorative details.

Beautiful weather in mid-October in France, which allowed viewers do not rush to leave the track after the race, but staying up late in the evening, for the opportunity to admire the works of art on wheels.

After the end of the races of the European Truck Racing Championship and French Cup on the race track began to drive the incredible masterpieces of truck decorations and tuning.

The parade sprawled on the entire length of the track, which is more than 4 kilometers.

Particularly impressive is the night parade in front of the central grandstand Circuit Bugatti, when hundreds of trucks and light the headlights begin beeping horns with diverse indescribable music. Then these trucks are transformed into something fantastic.

Giant night show of truck decorations is undoubtedly what distinguishes Le Mans from other truck races in Europe and attracts visitors.

In 2015, to admire the tuning trucks, more than 55 000 spectators came to the stands.

Magnificent two days of holidays for all fans of truck decorations.

Semi Truck Racing videos at Circuit Bugatti Le Mans during Semi Truck Racing Event 2015.

Le Mans 2016 Dates – Circuit Bugatti / Circuit de la Sarthe

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