European Semi Truck Racing Championship 2015 at Circuit Bugatti Le Mans

2015 European Semi Truck Racing Championship

24 Heures Camions.

One of the most popular truck racing competitions in the world of motorsport. Since 1981, final round carried out on the race track Circuit Bugatti, France. It is a part of the mythical Circuit de la Sarthe, which is famous for 24 Hours of Le Mans. The ring Bugatti also holds Grand Prix de France Moto, 24 Heures Moto, Formule Renault 3,5 and other races 2016.

FR – Course De Camion – Circuit Bugatti 2015

FIA Championship Of Semi Truck Racing 2015   

consisted of three race events :

FIA European Truck Racing

Final Race 2015

Coupe de France Camions

French Cup among  racing trucks,

Lotus Cup Europe

the final of special European racing series by Lotus.

Truck Racing Video : 

Also, a two-day European Semi Truck Racing Championship at Circuit Bugatti includes an extensive program, besides the races. Around the track an exhibition of the latest models of trucks all the world’s leading brands, with the possibility for the audience to see everything, touch and have the feeling of being behind the wheel of a truck driver in the cab of the truck. The highlight of the exhibition was demonstrations Scania Shimera Scania Shimera  1460 horsepower and the ability to accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, which was demonstrated later on the race track Circuit Bugatti.

Saturday evening held a unique unforgettable parade, consisting of more than 200 tuned, decorated and  painted trucks from all over France.

European Semi Truck Racing tuned, decorated and painted trucks

In between races, the audience showed their skill acrobats on trial bikes by the group Urban Trial Show In the evening, after the parade of tuned trucks participants from MotoTrialShow is on the Circuit Bugatti under artificial light, showed the ability of acrobatic jumps across a moving truck!

After that, the mechanics of the teams have taken part in motor racing competing in the speed changing wheels and minor repair of machines.

The highlight of the evening was a unique night drift shows by the winners of Championnat de France de Drift.

Final of European Semi Truck Racing Championship

24 Heures Camions” 2015

European Semi Truck Racing Championship at Le Mans race track has collected a record number of viewers since the start of the event in 1981. 55,000 visitors from all over the world, with an extremely beautiful weather this time of year, two days over the weekend of 10 and 11 October watching the races.

European Semi Truck Racing videos:

Racing truck catches fire during European Semi Truck Racing Championship 2015 at circuit Bugatti in Le Mans France

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