Motorbike camping Le Mans 2016 24 heures du Mans Moto Pictures

As usual, the many spectators and fans of motorcycle racing from all over France came for a unique experience of this famous motorcycle endurance race. But early Thursday, April 8, public attention was more attracted by what was going on  Motorbike camping Le Mans. Where many motorbikes and motorcycle riders began to fill campgrounds of Bugatti circuit, during the first night of testing for 39 edition of  24 Heures du Mans moto 2016. In the campsite was heard the noise motorcycle and smoke from fires started rising in the sky.

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Motorbike Camping Le Mans 2016

The atmosphere on campsites is over up a notch this year, especially in the motorbike camping Blue.

Motorbike show

Among thousands of bikes and bikers, the vast majority of which passionate about racing and motorcycle:

Friday, April 9, while spectators have the chance to discover the stands and paddock of the 24H Le Mans Moto 2016, take closer at racing motorcycles teams and the opportunity to discuss with drivers, bikers are already well warmed themselves and modified engines of their bikes: Suzuki, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Everything was ready the start of the real motorbike show and bikers holidays.


Bikes have gained in strength and volume: the goal is to make “pretty flames at the output from custom motorcycle mufflers”. Whenever there are ruptures, all bikers regroups around of the bike in question.

There were many mini improvised motorbike shows, where the bikers showed various burnouts and ruptures of the engines, which produced an indescribable noise.

Tuning Moto

Bikers staying on the motorbike camping Blue do not just come to watch the motorcycle race 24 hours of Le Mans , but also to show their  tuning  moto with a superb design and custom motorcycle mufflers. For them, it’s fun to ride with a unique motorcycle, a change of style can also be operated according to taste and the tribe that they aspire to join. Each tribe have his spirit and customization.

On the motorbike camping area, some bikes have been pushed to the end of their opportunities after burns.

24 Heures du Mans Moto Camping  2016 Video

A video posted on the YouTube channel Le Mans Story shows the mood for Le Mans 24 Hours Moto motorbike Camping Bleu, 2016.

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