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Motorbike Camping in France Annual Bikers party at Motorbike Endurance Race 24H Moto Le Mans 2015

24H Moto Le Mans 2015

Traditional bikers party takes place at Le Mans motorbike camping Bleu in France during the annual endurance race 24 Hours of Le Mans Moto (24H Moto). Which is held since 1978 on the track of French MotoGP Grand Prix circuit Bugatti. Each year this motorcycle race collects about 100,000 fans of motorsports. All French bikers try to take these days off at work, to be able to present at the race. Thousands of bikes are filled within three days all roads surrounding the city. However, not only the skill of the riders attracts many spectators. But sometimes, most interesting events turn around and off the track. On motorbike camping France outside the race track, it is like a grand festival of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Le Mans Camping Bleu

24H Moto 2015

24H Moto Le Mans camping France bikers party

Le Mans Camping Bleu is situated directly between central entrance on the racing track and the airport. During the race, parking filled with hundreds of tents, camping cars and of course with thousands of motorcycles of different brands and models.

In the evening the circuit empties, someone goes to a hotel or more peaceful camping, but someones, on the contrary, goes to continue the motorbikes holiday. For those who decided to stay the night on the camping Bleu, waiting a fun night. Thousands of motorcyclists organize a real night festival of bikers.

The continuous sound of motorcycle engines on the camping Bleu completely mutes the noise from the racing sportbikes on the track. All kinds of mufflers and boosted engines emit an incredible roar.

Custom Motorcycles

Motorcycle tuning and reworked by hand bikes are well represented at this bikers party. Variety of colors and incredible design  of custom motorcycles blow mind.

Stunt riding


p style=”text-align: left;”>Stunt riding on sportbikes can be seen everywhere in the parking. Mini competition in the mastery of the bike constantly appear in different parts of the moto camp. Bikers demonstrate all kinds of stunts ride on limited by tents and vehicles space. The smell of burnt tires and  shoots sounds of mufflers an essential attribute of the night!

Bikers party

Atmosphere Le Mans 

Motorbike Camping France

The bikers and their girlfriends bring with them everything necessary for life in the motorbike camping:  sofas, televisions and even motorcycles cuisine.

Moto party final

But everything comes to an end. At 15 o’clock on Sunday, motorcycles endurance race 24H Le Mans Moto finishing . And motorcyclists are going to their homes, filled streets of the city with the sounds of motors.

Leaving behind in the hospitable Camping Bleu  empty bottles, broken bikes and burned cars after rough night.

 French Moto Grand Prix

MotoGP Le Mans

Next bikers party

But the calm does not last long near the track of Le Mans. Just a month later, in May at the Circuit Bugatti passes MotoGP Grand prix France. And motorbike camping Bleu again be filled with bikers and motorcycle noise.


Next 24H Moto 2016 will take place 9 – 10 April on Le Mans circuit Bugatti.

Le Mans 2016 Dates – Circuit Bugatti / Circuit de la Sarthe

Motorbike Camping France

Camping Bleu videos

Le Mans YouTube

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