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An opening round of FIM EWC – Motorcycle Endurance World Championship 2016 took place during the weekend of 9 and 10 April on Le Mans track Bugatti circuit. On the start of the 24 hours, endurance race came to see more than 72,000 motorsport fans from all France. 39th edition of the 24H Moto 2016 promised to be particularly exciting this time because Moto Sports Endurance Federation has increased the number of participating teams to 58. Among them are five main manufacturers of motorcycles: Suzuki, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha, also in the experimental class the JLC team is represented by Métis brand of motorcycle. In the race, eight countries are engaged – Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Italy, Poland, and Slovakia. Drivers representing 10 different nationalities. Among the drivers there are well-known competitors: as former MotoGP pilot Lukas Pesek, in addition, two former world champions in endurance moto racing Kenny Foray and Matthieu Gines. As well as the winner of MotoGP  France 2012 at Moto3 class Louis Rossi.

24 Hour Endurance Race Le Mans Moto 2016

Le Mans Standings – Starting Grid

It is BMW Motorrad Team which takes over the pole position with an average time of 1: 38,201 after test day. A great performance for the Penz13.com of Mathieu Gines, Kenny Foray and Lukas Pesek offering for BMW first pole on the Bugatti circuit. Kawasaki SRC with Gregory Leblanc on second place. And YART Yamaha Official EWC Team of Australian Broc Parkes, associated with German Max Neukirchner and Italian Ivan Silva on the third starting place. Last year’s race winner of 24 hour endurance race Le Mans 2015 SERT Suzuki Endurance Racing Team has started only from fourth place.

Kenny Foray BMW Motorrad
Gregory Leblanc Kawasaki SRC
Broc Parkes Yamaha YART

24H MOTO 2016 start

A video shows the atmosphere before the start of the race among the spectators on tribunes of Le Mans track. The audience singing the National anthem of France. The start of the 24 Hour Moto Endurance Race 2016 and the first three laps.

Suzuki led by Gregg Black, Gregory Fastré and Alex Cudlin from Team April Moto Motors Events created a surprise by leading the race for the first 14 laps due to Gregg Black.

After start is given on a very wet Le Mans track and a suite of showers, there have been many series of riders fall and passes to the pits for tire changes. That benefited a newcomer in the 24H Moto 2016, Japanese team F.C.C. TSR Honda (Kazuma Watanabe / Alan Techer / Damian Cudlin), which take leads of the race. With three wins in the  8 Hours Suzuka, F.C.C. TSR Honda has a strong racing experience and the team from Japan led the race for next 115  laps.

Started in pole position, the BMW Motorrad Penz13.com team due to the fall on the Le Mans track, unfortunately, had to abandon shortly after the 8 hour of the race.

Two falls of french MotoGP star Louis Rossi have resulted in grading the Yamaha GMT94 to the background.

The fall of  YART Yamaha driver Ivan Silva forced the team to continue 24 hour endurance race only with two riders.

After 8 hours of racing, Team Kawasaki SRC n11 take his lead in 24H Moto 2016 with a gap of two laps on the Honda Endurance Racing team and F.C.C. TSR Honda.

Endurance Moto Racing Le Mans Night

During the frosty night in Le Mans, SRC Kawasaki team strengthened its leadership and at 7 o’clock in the morning increased the lead from nearest rivals to 8 laps.

Le Mans track at night endurance moto racing video

Behind the leading Kawasaki n11, there was a fierce battle for second place between F.C.C. TSR Honda n5 and Team Bolliger Switzerland n8.

LeMans Results 2016

24 Hour Endurance Race Finish

Japan’s F.C.C. TSR Honda made a perfect race, but could not resist the pressure imposed by the April Moto Motors Events team on last few laps of the race.

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team finished 5th, an unusual place for the world champion title holder. Vincent Philippe, Anthony Delhalle, and Etienne Masson made a fantastic comeback from the bottom of ranking after two falls.

SRC Kawasaki team has not experienced any major problems during the twenty-four hours of the race. Even a slip of Gregory Leblanc, as the Le Mans track was very tricky, failed to stop the advance of this bike.

24H du Mans 2016 Podium

The French trio of Grégory Leblanc, Matthew Lagrive and Fabien Foret on Kawasaki SRC No. 11 won Sunday, April 10 the 39th edition of the 24 Hour Endurance Race Le Mans 24H Moto 2016, the first round of the FIM EWC motorcycle World Endurance Championship. Second place went to Suzuki number 50 Team April Moto Motors Events consisting of British Gregg Black, Belgian Gregory Fastré, and Australian Alex Cudlin. The podium is completed by the number 5 running by  Kazuma Watanabe, Alan Techer and Damian Cudlin of the Japanese FCC TSR Honda team, which made its first appearance at Le Mans track, having a triple crown at 8H Suzuka motorcycle race.

24H moto 2016 Video

Last lap of 24H moto 2016 video showing the reaction of the winner after the finish, happiness in boxes of the team’s crew. Podium and awards for Kawasaki SRC, April Moto Motors Events, and F.C.C. TSR Honda teams. This is the fifth victory for Gregory Leblanc in Le Mans motorcycle 24 Hour Endurance Race.

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