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Lotus Cup Europe at circuit Bugatti during 24H Truck Racing Championship In Le Mans 2015

European Lotus Cup Championship

24 Heures Camions

– the FIA accredited championship featuring the cream of Europes Lotus racers.

Registered in the FIA Championship calendar since 2013, the Lotus Cup Europe visiting seven of the most beautiful European circuits in the season.Britain’s most charismatic sportscar marque and its illustrious heritage spanning over 60 years. From coveted cars to Formula 1 glories, Norfolk’s famous brand present his cars at circuit Bugatti and the first time during 24H Trucks Le Mans event weekend.
british fans at circuit bugatti le mans on lotus cup europe race 2015
Eligible cars are separated into four categories (V6, 2 Eleven, Open and Production) thereby establishing different classifications according to power vehicles.
Now in its tenth year, Lotus Cup Europe, was set up as a direct response to customer and Lotus dealer interest in a fun but professionally run motor sport series in Europe. During that time it has attracted many competitors from all over the continent. Races are at Europe’s finest circuits and include a standing and a rolling start sprint race. Entries are split into four classes, which are also eligible for most other Lotus Cup series around the globe. There are two different types of competition offered: Race and Regularity.
lotus cup europe car race on circuit bugatti le mans 2015
Over the years, the Lotus Cup Race Series has developed into one of the most successful race series brands in the world, often with capacity grids of Elise, Exige, 2-Eleven and Europa race cars racing and jostling for position. Previously operated from several countries in Europe and Japan, the Lotus Cup has now expanded considerably to include the USA, UK, and Eastern Europe.
24 Heures Camions le mans weekend lotus cup europe car race on circuit bugatti

On Le Mans track Gregory Rasse

won the final Lotus Cup Europe race.

Outgoing champion Jérémy Lourenço passed pole sitter and team-mate Xavier Georges to win the opening two races on the Bugatti circuit, which were held during the 24 Heures Camions event at the famous venue. The French Exige Cup pair finished in the 1-2 formation, with Belgian Gregory Rasse taking third in his Evora.
A record 54,700 spectators attended the weekend.

Lotus Cup Europe video of the race:

Le Mans YouTube

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