Le Mans 2016 At Night of Magic Surrounded By Powerful Racing Cars – Photos

Just to keep in mind, on Saturday, June 18, 2016, when 15 o’clock struck. And Brad Pitt waving a tricolor to give the start of LeMans 24H race under a heavy rain. Or to remember the safety car. This security period holds for long time racing cars from their evil enthusiasm for the race on the legendary circuit… Once released after the storm, follow up the crazy trajectories and a mysterious roar of engines at full power. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is far worse than addiction. Until arriving that famous time of Le Mans 2016 Night, when the sun finally manifested the desire to set down …

Le Mans 2016 Night

Le Mans 2016 Night at Circuit de la Sarthe in France

Le Mans 2016 Night

Nighttime Racing Cars Photos

As if everything is changed like a fascinating new race began.

Porsche 911 Le Mans 2016

Photo:  Porsche 911 WEC Car

Beyond the duel between drivers and teams, it’s night and it has specific features: the stress, the adrenaline, the fatigue, desire to sleep, technical difficulties, the risks, the atmosphere among the spectators …

Ferrari 488 Le Mans

Photo:  Ferrari 488 WEC Car

A steady stream of cars, all under the eyes of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

Ferrari 24H Le Mans 2016

Photo:  AF Corse Ferrari 488 #51

Visitors arrived from around the world to see race, which still remains the most luminous of an auto racing event in the world in endurance category.

Ford GT Le Mans 2016

Photo: Chip Ganassi Team Racing Ford GT #68

Le Mans is a place apart and eternal as if time had refused to stop.

Paddock 24 Heures du Mans

Photo of Paddock at 24 Heures du Mans 2016

But, from the 60 cars at the start, how many will be out at end of the night?

Alpine A460 Le Mans

Photo of Signatech Team – Alpine A460 #36 at Endurance 24H Le Mans race

And the battle for first place on the podium is still tight.

Oreca Le Mans 2016

WEC Car Le Mans endurance series

After Le Mans 2016 night, it remains only eight hours of racing.

Race car Le Mans

Le Mans endurance series race car photo

And who will win, Toyota, Porsche or Audi?

Endurance 24H Le Mans

Endurance 24H Le Mans Night Race

The first three: the  Toyota #6,  Toyota #5  and Porsche #2, the difference between them was only ten seconds in the morning, after 15 hours of racing!

WEC 24h du Mans

WEC 24h du Mans Night on circuit de la Sarthe

In whole, cars rhythm did not weaken because of Le Mans 2016 night, the race speed has always remained over than 200 km/h in average.

Race Car Porsche

Touring Car Endurance Series – 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 Night Racing

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