Thrilled 24 Hour LeMans Results 2016 At Final Day Race Car Photos

24 Hours of Le Mans 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016. In the morning at Le Mans, good news is that the sun shines on the race track in France. Spectators are heading to entrances of circuit de la Sarthe, but more slowly than the day before. 24 hour LeMans results after night: ahead of the race, launched at 4 am duel Porsche Vs Toyota continues to develop. The abandonment of two official Porsche 911 cars under the numbers #91 and #92. Maybe it was part of the calculated risks for the large German team. In the GTE Pro LM class, the highly awaited fight has raged all hot Le Mans night between Ford GT, Ferrari 488 and Porsche 911, arbitrated by Corvette and Aston Martin cars.

Ford GT vs Ferrari

Ford GT and Ferrari Battle at LeMans 2016

Ford GT and Ferrari Battle at LeMans 2016

24 Hour LeMans Results 2016

LM GTE PRO Results

Local hero from Sarthe: french Sebastien Bourdais, one of the most successful drivers in the history of the Champ Car World Series and former Formula One racer shares the wheel of the Ford GT #68. He was usually behind than in front of the Ferrari #82  from Risi Competizione team. The car was under the control by Giancarlo Fisichella, who was also an F1 driver in past.

Car endurance race 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016

1. Ford GT LM Ganassi Racing USA

After a titanic battle against the Ferrari number 82, Ford GT car number #68  took the lead at the twentieth hour of the race. Joey Hand from the USA was at the wheel of the FordGT when his car three times has surpassed Ferrari, reviving the old rivalry between the two manufacturers for fifty years. The Ford GT number 68 of Sebastien Bourdais (FRA), Joey Hand (US) and Dirk Müller (GER) crossed the finish line at Le Mans, at 3 o’clock Sunday. And, as 24 Hour LeMans results won the race 2016 in GTE PRO category.

Ford GT LM

Ford GT Racing Car #68 – Winner Of 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans

Ford GT Racing Car #68 – Winner Of 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans

2. Ferrari Risi Competizione USA

At 15 hours Sunday, Giancarlo Fisichella at the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTE # 82 from Risi Competizione team has passed the checkered flag of the 24 hours endurance racing. Exhausting and exciting 24H Le Mans 2016 race for USA team resulted in a second place at  GTE  Pro category.

Risi Ferrari

Risi Team USA – Ferrari 488

Risi Team USA – Ferrari 488 GTE

3. Ford GT Chip Ganassi Racing USA

The Ford GT from Chip Ganassi Racing Team number 69 of  Indycar Reigning Champion Scott Dixon (NZ), Ryan Briscoe (AUS) and Richard Westbrook (GB) joined the winners on the podium, after having won the third place.

Chip Ganassi Racing

Chip Ganassi Racing Team USA

Chip Ganassi Racing Team USA

LMP 2 2016 Results

1. Signatech Alpine

As LMP2 24 Hour LeMans Results: a triumpher of 84th  24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 became a crew from the Signatech Alpine team with Nicolas Lapierre, Gustavo Menezes and Stéphane Richelmi behind the wheel. Who went to the leaders in the middle of the race, after their opponents from KCMG team and Thiriet by TDS Racing have withdrawn from 24 Hour LeMans race. After that, they actually stayed alone and then everything depended only on the reliability of Alpine prototype car, that worked like clockwork.

Alpine Le Mans

Alpine Team – LMP 2 category Winner

Team – LMP 2 Category Winner

2. G-Drive Racing Team

The Russian team G Drive Racing team has done everything possible and even more. After all the problems, that have befallen on the crew of Roman Rusinov in the first half of the 24H race: puncture, fine for a pit stop with the engine running and another penalty, due to which was lost more than a minute. So at the finish Rusinov, Will Stevens and René Rast have given one lap to the winners from the Signatech Alpine team.

G Drive Racing

LMP 2 Category – G Drive Racing Team

LMP 2 Category – G-Drive Racing Team

3. SMP Racing Team

Well, and the third place in the LMP 2 class occupied by a fully Russian crew from SMP Racing team – Vitaly Petrov, Kirill Ladygin and Viktor Shaitar. By the last third of the race, the Russians climbed to third place, after the retirements of two competitors from the race. And which SMP Racing car held until the finish.

SMP Racing

SMP Racing LMP 2

SMP Racing LMP 2

LM GTE AM 2016 Results

1. Scuderia Corsa Ferrari

24 Hour LeMans Results in the GTE Am class:  Victory celebrated racers from Scuderia Corsa Ferrari team – Taundsend Bell, Bill Swidler, and Jeff Segal.

Scuderia Corsa Le Mans

Scuderia Corsa Team Ferrari 458 Italia racing car

Scuderia Corsa Team – Ferrari 458

2. AF Corse Ferrari

After an intense struggle, second place went to the team from Italy AF Corse on Ferrari 458 Italia car.

Ferrari AF Corse

AF Corse Team – Ferrari 458 LM

AF Corse Team – Ferrari 458 LM

3. Abu Dhabi Proton Racing

By the end of the 12th hour of the race, Khalid Al-Kubeysi from the team Abu Dhabi Proton Racing was leading in LM GTE Am category. But on the Le Mans podium, drivers of Porsche 911 car from Proton Racing found themselves only on the third place.

Proton Porsche

Abu Dhabi Proton Team – Porsche 911

Abu Dhabi Proton Team – Porsche 911

LMP1 Cars Results

1. Porsche 919 Hybrid

“But what’s happening, what’s happening? ” keeps shouting the speakers on Le Mans racing track at final minutes of 24 Hour race. After covering more than 250 laps in the lead, the No. 5 Toyota, almost assured of victory, has stopped at the finish straight, on one lap from the checkered flag. Until being overtaken by their pursuer from Porsche team. Neel Jani, driving the Porsche car No. 2, took the lead at the beginning of the last lap when 300 rounds had been made! Dumas, Jani and Lieb on Porsche 919 Hybrid wins the 84th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMP1 category. An epic 24 Hour LeMans results of this legendary race.

Porsche 919 Hybrid

24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 Winner Car

Porsche 919 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 Winner Car

2. Toyota TS050

Toyota lost the Le Mans 24H within last five minutes in the LMP1 category. While Toyota #5 was heading almost all 24 hours race towards his first victory after an incredible fight with the Porsche car No. 2. Kazuki Nakajima has slowed down at 5 minutes before the finish. The Japanese driver soon announces a loss of power and could not exceed 200km/h. A finish of race, that even the authors of Michel Vaillant could not have imagined. Stéphane Sarrazin, Mike Conway and Kamui Kobayashi on Toyota car #6 took the second place as a result of this dramatic race Le Mans 2016, but after such a defeat, even the podium was a small consolation for Toyota.

Toyota LMP1 2016

Toyota at 24H Le Mans 2016

Toyota at 24H Le Mans 2016

3. Audi R18

As 24 Hour LeMans Results 2016, Audi LMP1 cars finished on the third and fourth place, which was a kind of achievement, if appropriate to talk about a 13-time winner. But the problems persecuted both cars almost from start to finish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race this year.

Le Mans 2016 Audi

Photo : Audi R18 e Tron Quattro 2016

Audi Sport R18 Car 2016

See complete official 24 Hour LeMans Results in PDF format: 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016


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